Home Styles

Similar to wood, any style of home can be constructed using today's modern cold-formed steel. In fact, many spans and features found in commercial construction cannot be duplicated with wood. Typically with residential construction, cost goes up exponentially when creating long, open spans. With steel construction, these spans can easily be covered at a fraction of the cost.

Cold-formed steel long span

Any of today's most popular home styles can be constructed with cold-formed steel framing.

Barndominium - This upcoming and very popular style home takes an open layout to the next level. With wide-open spans, sometimes reaching 30 plus feet, and second floor balconies, barndominiums are a modern upgrade of a traditional barn. 


Modern Farmhouse - Currently a leader amongst new home buyers, the modern farmhouse is a luxury upgrade from traditional farm homes. It's welcoming country feel is accented by the best of today's modern features such as gourmet kitchens, spa bathrooms and room-size closets. 

Modern Farmhouse

Craftsman - A home for the ages! Craftsman homes are a modern family dwelling with steeper and accent-rich roofs that were difficult to build in previous generations. Modern construction makes these complex features that give the home depth and character simple and affordable.

Modern - Built for the natural light enthusiast. Modern style homes are eye-catching with asymmetrical roof lines and huge windows. Steel construction has a major advantage when constructing these homes. Windows and telescoping doors need header spans that are much longer and often require special order glulams (stress-rated laminated wood beam engineered to cover long spans). Cold-formed steel headers meet the load bear requirements and are simple to fabricate and assemble. 

Modern Home Style 

Mountain - Cladded with extensive wood and stone, this style home can be easily replicated with steel framing, cement shakes, and strategically placed wood or faux wood. The wood look on the exterior can easily be created using today's modern cement siding options. Interior wood beams and trusses, which are staple of mountain style homes, rest on stronger steel supports within the walls. 

Mountain home style