A beautiful deck can be one of the greatest accents to a home. It's also an enjoyable outdoor space to gather and relax. 

Stunning deck

Having a reliable, low-maintenance deck that can last a lifetime will provide years of worry-free enjoyment. 

Steel and composite deck

A steel framed deck, combined with composite decking, can increase the resale value of your home. The last thing you want is an inspector finding rotting or insect ridden wood in any part of your deck. Decks are comprised of posts, joists, decking and railing. When made out of wood, any one of these areas are susceptible to problems. Here are several examples of common problems associated with wood decks:

Rotting deck post

  • Rotting wood post. To replace, the deck would need to be supported while the wooden post is removed and replaced. While the post itself isn't expensive, the labor and equipment can cost thousands of dollars.

Rotting deck joist

  • Rotting deck joists aren't typically apparent from above and unless you spend a lot of time under your deck, this can be a nightmare to replace. Joists are structural elements that support the load of the deck and are the substrate that the decking is fastened to. If several are severely damaged, it may mean your whole deck needs to be replaced.

Rotting deck boards

  • Wooden decks can deteriorate from underneath where it is unsealed and exposed to warm, moist air. In many decks, it isn't until the decay has worked it's way up through the deck boards that it becomes noticeable.

    Termites under the deck

    • A homeowner's worst nightmare, termites. Termites can eat up to 1 pound of wood each day. Imagine if they have been under your deck for months or years.

    Old cracking deck, stairs and railing

    • Aesthetics are important to a lot of people and potential home buyers. Woodend decks need to be stained and sealed regularly to maintain a pleasing appearance. If they have been neglected, the stain will fade, the wood will crack and the appearance will become unsightly. Steel, combined with composite, requires little more than regular cleaning with soap and water.

    Hybrid decks are a combination of wood and non-wood materials. The most common is having all the wood hidden below the deck and non-wood in the visual area.

    Hybrid deck with wood underneath and non-wood above

      Just because you cannot see it, doesn't mean it won't cause you problems in the future. A steel is your strongest and best offence against nature and insects. 

      Any type of decking and railing can be combined with a steel framed deck. Modern composite decking has the look of wood without the problems and maintenance of wood decking. It doesn't warp, crack split, swell or shrink and doesn't require sealing or staining.

      Composite decking 

      Just like wooden decks, steel framed decks can be constructed to any size, style or look you desire.

      Covered and enclosed deck

      • Popular in all regions of the country, an enclosed or open covered deck lets you enjoy nature while buffering against the elements and insects. 

      Radius deck

      • Adding radiuses to your deck can make your deck flow with your flowing backyard landscaping and walkways.

      Lake deck

      • Composite or powder coated metal railings are a smart choice for area exposed to direct sunlight. 

      Composite pool deck with steel pergola

      • Pergolas can also be constructed with steel and composite materials for lowest maintenance and highest value for the money.